SC in line to enjoy Enjoy By again?


I’m not the biggest fan of BeerAdvocate because … well, there are a lot of reasons. But the South-Atlantic regional forum is a good place to find out what’s going on in the Southeast, including South Carolina.

And from time to time, you pick up an interesting news tidbit, such as this one: According to a representative for Advintage, who distributes Stone in the Palmetto State, South Carolina will be getting another round of Stone’s Enjoy By IPA. You’ll recall we got the most recent batch of the über-fresh IPA – 04.01.13 – a couple of weeks ago, but one of the upcoming rounds will reportedly hit sometime in May, well past the “Drink By” date of the latest batch.

Enjoy By 04.20.13 will be bottled soon and shipped to places including Alaska, Idaho, Colorado, Missouri and more. Could Enjoy By 05.XX.13 be close behind?


One thought on “SC in line to enjoy Enjoy By again?

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