About DBR (the blog)

In February 2012, in an attempt to merge my love of craft beer and my profession of writing, I started a personal blog dedicated to my experiences. It started out with a lot of reviews, opinion pieces, a look at events I attended and trips I went on, etc. Basically whatever I was drinking or where I was visiting, I wanted to share my experiences with people, joining the chorus of craft beer advocates online.

And, surprisingly enough, people picked up on it. But along the way, something changed. As I made more friends in the South Carolina craft beer scene – both in and out of the industry – I became more invested in its growth and success. I wanted to do what I could to let people know what was going on across the state with South Carolina’s burgeoning craft beer culture.

So I shifted the focus of the blog from that of a personal account to a collection of news from across the state. Since early 2013, that’s what DBR’s been dedicated to: Acting as a source for SC beer news, helping to keep people informed about what’s going on with current and upcoming breweries in the state as well as new breweries entering the area.

There’s a lot of great beer in South Carolina, and within the past few years our laws have made the state one of the most progressive and promising in the county. South Carolina is  growing in importance, recognition and desirability throughout the rest of the country. DBR is dedicated to doing what it can to help it spread the word a little quicker.

Thanks for reading. Drink SC beer.

About DBR (the guy)

Nick McCormac is a former journalist and PR professional living in Columbia, SC, who currently does delivery for Advintage Distributing. He is one of the cofounders of Soda City Suds Week, Columbia’s only independent craft beer celebration; vice president of the nonprofit Midlands Craft Beer Supporters; and co-host of Drink. Pod. Repeat., a podcast on South Carolina and national craft beer news.

Ghent, Belgium – August 2012


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