Stone Enjoy By IPA coming to SC


One of the most popular new IPAs of 2012 had to be Stone‘s Enjoy By series. Being some of the biggest pushers of hoppy beers, Stone always stresses – and any good beer geek knows – that it’s best to enjoy an IPA as fresh as possible. With that in mind, they started brewing a series of IPA with a must-drink-by date slapped on the front of the bottle.

The four previous entries in the series – 09.21.12, 11.09.12, 12.21.12 and 02.15.13 – hit just a handful of markets. But with 04.01.13, 19 new markets will get to enjoy the brew, including South Carolina.

According to Stone’s website, the beer is expected to hit Wednesday, Feb. 27, meaning there’s just a little more than a week to go until arrival. Obviously, you’ll want to drink it as fresh as possible, because come April 1, it’ll be pulled from shelves.


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