Carolina Bauernhaus, Brewery 85 team up for Mulleficent apple sour



Fall’s come early for Anderson’s Carolina Bauernhaus and Greenville’s Brewery 85, which will release their collaborative golden sour brewed with local apples and spices this weekend.

Mulleficent (get it?) is a 5.5% ABV barrel-aged golden sour blended with more than 800 pounds of fresh apples from Long Creek, SC’s Chattooga Belle Farm, as well as local ginger, cinnamon, and clove. Bottles will be available at Bauernhaus beginning at noon this Saturday, April 1 for $20 each, as well as on tap.

This isn’t the first time the two breweries have collaborated. SouthYeast Labs – which is operated in part by Carolina Bauernhaus’ David Thornton – has cultivated and supplied yeast strains for Brewery 85. (You could say their partnership has turned out to be … wait for it … fruitful.)

Bauernhaus has also recently collaborated with North Charleston’s Freehouse.

More information about the release here.


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