Second Frothy Beard/Holy City/Brewery 85/River Rat collab arrives soon


Part of the fun of thriving craft beer scene are the collaborations breweries sometimes cook up together. Recently, brewers from four different South Carolina breweries in three different parts of the state came together to concoct their second of four collaborative brews, the latest of which will be hitting taps soon.

Charleston’s Frothy Beard and Holy City breweries, Columbia’s River Rat Brewery and Greenville’s Brewery 85 recently began working on a series of different collaborations with each different beer brewed at one of the respective breweries. The first collaboration – Smoke on the Lager, a cherrywood smoked beer – was brewed at River Rat a few weeks ago and has already been tapped across the state. The second collaborative effort is an ESB brewed with toasted oats (tentatively named SpottieOattieDopalicious, in homage to Outkast) and was recently brewed at Holy City. Here’s a recap of that:

Look for that on tap soon in addition to future collaborations at Brewery 85 and Frothy Beard.


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