Palmetto Brewing joins canning craze


South Carolina’s first post-Prohibition brewery is the latest to start canning its beers, partnering with a Florida-based company to help expand production and packaging capabilities.

Charleston’s Palmetto Brewing Co. recently announced a partnership with the Lakeland, FL-based Brew Hub that will allow for the production of new beers as well as making the shift toward canning. However, Palmetto won’t be making a full move toward canning; the canned beers will be part of series with future releases going directly into cans.

Lowcountry Pilsner (4.5% ABV) is the first beer to be released in cans and has already been in the market as of a few weeks ago with more releases coming in the near future. According to Palmetto CEO John Planty, moving into canned production was a “necessity.”

“After researching all of our options, Brew Hub was the perfect fit. Not only do they produce excellent beer, their quality control and lab services are second-to-none. Their team shares our passion for craft beer, and they are a welcome solution to a brewery without a canning line,” Planty said in a release.

Palmetto joins the growing list of South Carolina breweries making the shift toward cans, including (recently) COAST, Benford and Southern Barrel, among others.

In recent years, Brew Hub has worked as a satellite facility for a growing number of breweries, including M.I.A Beer Company, Toppling Goliath, Green Man and Cigar City.


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