Brewery 85 revives #Hunt4B85 for Columbia launch


Greenville’s Brewery 85 will be bringing back its scavenger hunt campaign in the run-up to its launch in the Capital City later this year.

On Wednesday, the brewery announced it would be expanding its distribution into Columbia sometime this fall. And in an effort to drum up excitement for its launch – and as it did in advance of its own grand opening – the brewery’s #Hunt4B85 campaign will begin anew, this time showcasing spots across Columbia.

The campaign works like this: Every Wednesday, the brewery will tweet out a photo of a different location, business, landmark and the like in Columbia. The first person to correctly identify the location and include a #Hunt4B85 hashtag wins a free piece of glassware from the brewery. Brewery 85 ran a similar campaign last year leading up to its grand opening.

Unlike the inaugural campaign, which was spread across social media, this one will be run solely through Twitter, so make sure you’re following the brewery. The campaign will end sometime this fall with an official launch and a bar crawl through the city.


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