Westbrook teases 2015 BA Mexican Cake


The 2014 edition of Westbrook‘s BA Mexican Cake hasn’t even been released yet, but the Mount Pleasant brewery is already hinting at what’s in store for the 2015 release.

Westbrook has kept quiet about the details surrounding the imminent release of the highly touted barrel-aged version of their incredibly popular Mexican Cake imperial stout, including exactly when the release will occur and what variants will see daylight. But as for next year, the brewery is already teasing at least two potential variants.

On Wednesday, July 2, Westbrook tweeted a photo of the 2014 batch of Mexican Cake taking a nap in cognac barrels. That photo was posted without comment, but the following day, July 3, another photo was posted on Instagram, this time of MC in Pritchard’s Double Chocolate Bourbon barrels with the caption “Next year’s Barrel Aged Mexican Cake sneak peek!” Both barrels were filled on July 2.

The 2014 release of BAMC is likely to happen some time in July, although unlike the 2013 ticketed release, this year is widely expected to be a day-of announcement and release. As for the number of type of variants being release, there has been no official confirmation from the brewery, but tequila and Four Roses are widely rumored to be up.


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