Quest unveils 1st anniversary party tap list


The guys and gals at Quest will be celebrating the brewery’s first anniversary next Saturday, July 19, and are planning to release a slew of new, staff-created beers throughout the day to help keep the good times flowing.

The 19th is shaping up to be a massive party for the Greenville brewery. From noon to 10 PM, Quest will host a variety of live music and food trucks at the brewery and, of course, some special brews. Every hour from 1-9 PM, a different beer created by a different staff member will be tapped for all to enjoy. While the exact time of each release hasn’t been announced, Quest on Monday released the anniversary lineup:

  • Honey Dew & Pink Peppercorns Tripel (created by Adam)
  • Beet Saison with Rosemary (created by Joe)
  • Lemon Basil Session Ale (Created by Erin)
  • Sweet Potato Stout (created by Peter)
  • Smoked Strawberry & Rhubarb Porter (Randall) (created by Jeremy)
  • Mint Chocolate Kaldi (Randall) (created by Brandon)
  • Cantaloupe Tripel (created by Andrew)
  • Single-Hop Pacific Jade Pale Ale (created by Don)
  • Milk Stout with Peanut Butter and Banana (Cask) (created by Elvis)

Additionally, three other beers will be available: Sour Funky Apple Ale, Quest’s first sour; a cask of Cherry Cheesecake Golden Fleece BPA; and BA Kaldi aged for 10 months Dark Corner Distillery barrels. Check out the Facebook event page for more information



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