Quest, Brewery 85, Thomas Creek spotlighted in Maxim


You know the old saying, “I’m just reading it for the articles”? Well, with the latest issue of Maxim, that’s a perfectly legitimate excuse as three Upstate breweries are receiving some national attention.

In a recent list compiled by Jon Richardson of The Growler Station in Greenville titled “The 10 Best Beers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of,” three Upstate breweries – Quest, Brewery 85 and Thomas Creek – receive a little time in the national spotlight.

In the article, Richardson gives nods to Thomas Creek’s Conduplico Immundus Monachus, Brewery 85’s Sweet Tea Sour and Quest’s Kermesse Pumpkin Saison. A picture of the former currently graces the front page of Maxim’s website.

This isn’t the first time Greenville has graced the pages of the men’s magazine. In 2013, Barley’s was dubbed one of “The Ten Best Restaurants (To Get Great Beer).”




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