Westbrook BA Mexican Cake returns in July


If a new release calendar recently launched on Westbrook‘s website is any indication, one of the brewery’s most popular and sought-after barrel-aged offerings will return this summer.

The new schedule details which seasonal releases will return and when. A new release is slated for each month, with the brewery’s upcoming fourth anniversary beer of course scheduled for a December launch and Gose (in cans, sixtels and half barrels) will be available April through October. A new, currently unannounced seasonal is slated for June/July availability.

But the special release calendar at the bottom of the page is sure to get the most attention, especially the release slated for July. Barrel-aged Mexican Cake is on schedule to return this summer, again a brewery-only release.

Westbrook’s remained mum about another BAMC release this year, instead taking a “it’s ready when it’s ready” approach. Brewery namesake Edward Westbrook told me last summer that he felt no obligation to keep the BAMC release an annual event, but rather wanted to make sure the beer tasted as good as possible before releasing it. This BAMC base comes from the batch brewed early last year, which has been aging in barrels for about a year before having the requisite Mexican Cake ingredients added.

As for what which variants will be available this year, there’s been no official announcement yet. Westbrook told me the next release would see “more barrels and more bottles,” naming tequila and bourbon barrels specifically. Popular consensus points to tequila and Four Roses variants as definite with some chatter about chocolate bourbon barrels also being used.

More details to come.


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