CBX owners plan to open brewpub


The guys behind the best beer store in the U.S. will soon expand their operations by opening a brewpub and beer garden in the Holy City.

The Charleston Post and Courier and the Charleston City Paper have each reported that Rich Carley and Scott Shor – of Charleston Beer Exchange fame – will soon open Egan’s Oast, a brewpub with a 200-seat outdoor German-style beer garden and 130-seat interior. The brewpub will serve craft beer brewed on site as well as other noteworthy local and national brews.

Andy Henderson, formerly of FIG, will serve as chef. It’ll be located in the old William M. Bird & Co. building on Morrison Drive.

The “Egan” in the name comes from Edmund Egan, who began producing beer in Charleston after emigrating from England in the 1760s. The “oast” comes from a device once used to dry out hops.

“This is the most logical extension of growth and development rather than to keep opening more retail stores,” Shor told the P&C.

The brewpub is expected to open by this fall.


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