Egan’s Oast – CBX owners’ brewpub – changes name

EdmundsOastBack in April, it was revealed that Rich Carley and Scott Shor of the Charleston Beer Exchange were planning opening their own brewpub called Egan’s Oast in late 2013. The brewpub was to serve local beers as well as ones brewed in-house in their 200-seat outdoor German-style beer garden and 130-seat interior dining area.

But on Wednesday, a slight change was made to the future brewpub. Apparently, another business opening soon in the Charleston area had a name a little similar to Egan’s Oast, so the decision was made to give the place a new name: Edmund’s Oast.

The name change wasn’t that much of a pain, fortunately. The “Egan” in the previous name came form Edmund Egan, one of Charleston’s earliest beer producers. So, instead of using his last name, they went with his first. Simple as that.

If you’re still scratching your head, an oast is a kiln used to dry hops.


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