Westbrook to rock taps like a vandal with new Berliner Weisse


Not content with all the other new brews they’ve got coming out soon, Westbrook is planning to release a traditional Berliner Weisse in April.

Above you can see a hint of the Vanilla Ice-inspired label artwork for Weisse Weisse Baby, the 4% ABV Berliner Weisse planned for release this month on draft and in 750 ml. bottles. The German sour wheat beer was brewed using a no-boil technique and seems to be a pretty traditional take on the style.

The beer is another entry in Westbrook’s growing slate of German-style brews, joining Gose, Grätzer, Lichtenhainer, Märzenbier and Zwickel Bier.

Word to your mother.


2 thoughts on “Westbrook to rock taps like a vandal with new Berliner Weisse

  1. Such an underrated style. I feel like Average Joe/Jane Drinker pass on Berliner Weisse because it’s lower in ABV or they’re frightened off by “sour.” I have no doubt Westbrook’s take will be wonderful.

    It’d be awesome if they offered some kind of syrup to go with it at their taproom.

  2. I love Berliner Weisse as a style. It’s really under-appreciated and written off either because it’s low ABV or sour or whatever, but that’s what makes it so unique to me. I have yet to find one that I didn’t like. I’m sure Westbrook’s will be just as good as the others.

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