Westbrook website previews upcoming brews


The “Beers” section of Westbrook‘s website got a bit of an upgrade recently, primarily the addition of a section devoted to previewing soon-to-be-released beers.

There are six beers currently showcased on the new section, including:

  • Shane’s Big DIPA, the 9.6% imperial IPA launched yesterday and named for brewer Shane Cummings;
  • Bearded Farmer: McCullough, the next in the brewery’s series of saisons. This one comes in at 6.7% ABV and 30 IBUs, and is brewed with pilsner and rye malts; spiced with white, green and pink peppercorns; fermented with three strains of Brett and then bottled and kegged for your enjoyment;
  • The first four entries in the Old Time series of barrel-aged dark ales I wrote about recently. There’s Brandy Old Time, aged in Laird’s apple brandy barrels for 18 months; Grumpy Old Time, also aged in Laird’s barrels but with the addition of wild yeast; Rummy Old Time, which spent 18 months in Pritchard’s rum barrels; and Funky Old Time, aged 18 months in oak red wine barrels with wild yeast.

All six beers are scheduled to be bottled and released in March. You’ll want to get your hands on Rummy Old Time if you can as only 18 cases produced.

Side note: Brandon “Old Time” Plyler’s lookin’ mighty fine in that artwork.


2 thoughts on “Westbrook website previews upcoming brews

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