Upstate, Lowcountry breweries focus of TV pieces


The South Carolina beer scene has been getting a little more time in the spotlight this week as brewers and breweries in Greenville and Charleston have been the subject of segments on local news stations.

On Tuesday, the focus was on Greenville as Fox Carolina reported on three of the city’s burgeoning breweries: Brewery 85, Quest Brewing and Grapes and Grains.

Brewery 85 owner Will McCameron was featured heavily in the piece as he and his dog, Scout, walked through the property near Interstate 85 that will be the future home of the brewery later this year. McCameron said like the beer he’ll be brewing in late 2013, he wanted to take a slow, hands-on approach toward building his own brewery.

“I want it to be mine. I wanted to have hands-on, hand-crafted, make sure my hands touched it, it passed my inspections, my tests and it was up to my standards,” McCameron said of the beer.

Quest Brewing, which already has a building and is beginning to install equipment, got a quick mention as well. As for Grapes and Grains, owner Ken Anderson said his beer and wine homebrew store will be expanding the shops brewery and winery operations into three warehouses near the store.

Then, on Wednesday, the folks on the coast got a bit of airtime as well. ABC News 4 broadcast a segment featuring interview with the guys from Coast and Holy City and CHSbeer‘s Timmons Pettigrew.

The piece focused on what made the breweries of Charleston unique and how even though they are individual businesses, helping the coastal craft beer scene grow is paramount. That’s why, as Pettigrew put it, Charleston has “sort of become the beer capital of the state.”

“We really are in this together,” said David Merritt of Coast. “We don’t view each other as competition or anything. We feel – I think most of the craft breweries in the nation feel – that we’re better together than we are apart.”

There was also focus given to the law all SC beer supporters want to see pass: the pint law. As it stands, breweries can sell only four 4-oz. samples of beer per person per day and in conjunction with a tour of the brewery. The pint law would change that, allowing you to walk into a brewery and enjoy a few pints as our northern brethren currently do.

“Ultimately, it’s about helping the breweries grow on their own and giving more people the opportunity to come and hang out,” said Pettigrew.

Additionally, back in July, Conquest was also the subject of a piece aired on WLTX here in Columbia. You can watch that report here.


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