Conquest announces Brewvival offerings


With each passing day, not only do we get one day closer to Brewvival – held in the field across the the COAST Brewery on Feb. 23 – but we’re also given more and more hints as to what will be poured at the festival. A new brewery’s offerings are announced each day, and yesterday was finally time for Conquest to show what it’s bringing.

The full *cough cough* brewery list for this year’s festival was unveiled last weekend when the annual flyer was posted on the event’s Facebook page. While it was pretty much assumed the Columbia brewery would be a presence, this was the first official confirmation they’d be there. And on Tuesday, the four beers they’ll be pouring were announced:

  • Sacred Heart, their flagship 7.2% American IPA;
  • A cask of Double Dry-hopped Sacred Heart floated on mangos and papayas, also coming in at 7.2%;
  • Artemis Blonde, their other flagship 4.2% Blonde, but this time double dry-hopped; and
  • Bipolar High Roller, which is one of the best beer names I’ve seen in a long time. This 4.5% Irish dry stout is brewed with a couple of extra ingredients soaked in Woodford Reseve bourbon: cacao nibs and a dash of Scotch Bonnets, a Caribbean pepper that clocks in at more than 100,000 Scoville units. (If you didn’t pay attention in science class, Scoville units are a measure of spiciness, which a bell pepper clocking in at one Scoville unit. Scotch Bonnet is comparable to a habanero. Prepare your bowels!)

So far, Holy City, New South, and Thomas Creek are the other SC breweries to announce their wares, and we’re still waiting to see what Westbrook, Coast, RJ Rockers and Palmetto have in store.

There are just 1,500 tickets on sale for this year’s event and they are about to sell out. So if you haven’t bought one yet, 1) what’s wrong with you, and 2) do it now. For all the details and a running list of beers, check out the Brewvival website.


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