Coast Another Wheat


Coast Brewing Co.

Charleston, SC

Another Wheat Witbier

7% ABV

Anything and everything that comes out of Charleston’s Coast Brewing is steller. From their Boy King DIPA – which, I’ll remind you, is THE best imperial IPA on the East Coast – to their locally cultivated Bull’s Bay Oyster Stout and everything in between, the folks on the coast continually crank out some of the best beers in the state.

While their HopArt IPA and 32/50 Kolsch are great year-round staples, the brewery does an equally great job on their rotating smaller batch beers. Another Wheat is one of them. Brewed with 40% wheat malt, 60% pilsner malt and single hopped with Cascade, their version of a witbier is not just another wheat.

The pour is that classic hazy straw yellow color. There’s about two finger of a bubbly head that settled quickly, some really nice strong lacing and some mild alcohol legs.

The nose is a bit funky. There’s a bit of lemon peel and some honey, and you definitely get that  sweeter wheat note and a bit of spice, but there’s a muted funk to it. It’s very mild and nothing like a saison or a sour. It’s pleasant and a nice twist.

The mouthfeel is very smooth and full with just a very slight carbonation. The sweetness of the wheat is very noticeable on the back, as is the orange and some spice. But again, there’s that slight funkiness that pops up. Maybe it’s from the citrus notes of the Cascade, but it’s a really sprightly, light tanginess that settles nicely and doesn’t overpower.

Summer’s holding on fast here in South Carolina, so to have a tangy and refreshing wheat beer like this is perfect. I like the fact their self-effacing when it comes to naming their beers, but as I said, the little twists they put on it makes it anything but just another wheat.


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