Coast Boy King

Coast Brewing Co.

Charleston, SC

Boy King Double IPA

9.7% ABV

With last Friday being 4/20 and me with no herbal refreshment to enjoy, I figured now would be a good a time as any to crack open a little liquid dank and enjoy one of the best double IPAs on the East Coast: Coast’s Boy King.

During my frist visit to Coast last year during American Craft Beer Week, I was able to try Boy King for the first time, albeit in the form of a 4 oz. sample. For whatever reason, I didn’t buy a bottle that day and went on to really regret it as a lot of my friends began waxing poetic about all the bottles they had.

This year, I was more prepared. A friend in Charleston hooked me up with a couple bottles (bottled 4/4) and I helped a friend polish off a fresh growler about a week ago. I really had forgotten just how amazing this beer is. It’s heavily hopped and topped off with a round of Citra dry hopping, but it’s not a hop bomb. It’s smooth, flavorful and extremely drinkable for a high-alcohol DIPA. In my opinion, it rivals any DIPA on the East Coast, if not the rest of the country.

Boy King pours a rich orange with a darker amber tint toward the middle. There’s a slight haze to it, but it’s nearly translucent. Not much of a head, which doesn’t surprise me for a high ABV, but there are some nice alcohol legs.

Rich pineapple is the first thing that hits you on the nose. There’s tinges of mango and papaya and those standard tropical fruits. There’s a hint of astringency and a wet, dank hop smell, too.

On first sip is a really rich and juicy fruit taste, but that transforms into a focused hop bite as it warms. That hop bitterness also comes through on the mid and back palate. There’s a dry finish on the back, at which point a great piney hop taste comes through. As for flavors, it’s all over the place. I got lemon peel, citrus, peach, mango and pineapple. The tropical flavors come through more and more as it warms. And there’s a very slight booziness to it, too.

Boy King is one of those beers that explodes on the BeerAdvocate trading forums when it’s released, and with good reason. For a small brewery in Charleston to put out a beer that highly sought shows just how good it is. High in alcohol but still very drinkable, it’s on its way to being in the upper echelon of East Coast DIPAs. Get it while you can.


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