Coast Bull’s Bay Oyster Stout

Coast Brewing Co.

Charleston, SC

Bull’s Bay Oyster Stout

5.8% ABV

I don’t think I need to go over again how much I love Charleston’s Coast brewery – I’ve talked about it before – so instead I’m just going to get into one of their fantastic seasonal offerings.

Coast’s oyster stout is, surprisingly, an oyster stout. But what makes it special is it’s brewed with local oysters, and instead of using just oyster juice, they throw full oysters into the brew. The calcium in the oysters imparts a dry but creamy characteristic on the beer, and keeps it in sessionable territory.

The beer is black as night. It pours a thick and viscous black with maybe a half a finger of head on top that doesn’t stick around for long. There’s some decent lacing and minor alcohol legs.

On the nose is a huge dark chocolate and dark roasted coffee notes with a little bit of salt to it. There’s a creamy sweetness to it, but it’s dried out from the calcium. It’s a very robust and rich smell.

The taste starts like velvet in your mouth but ends with a nice bite of carbonation. There’s an incredibly smooth and creamy mouthfeel from the calcium in the oysters, and a big chocolate note on the front and middle that morphs into a lingering roasted coffee note on the back. There’s definitely a briny and slight salt note to it. Again, it’s dry, but balanced with the creaminess.

I prefer stouts that are rich, flavorful and thick, so I usually don’t like dry stouts. Coast’s is an exception and a welcomed change. I was told by the brewers that while it is a low ABV stout, the calcium from the oysters will impart more of a creaminess as it dries the stout out. I don’t plan to keep the other bottle I have in my cellar for too long, but I’m interested to see what it does with a little age.

Also, it should go without saying, but drink Charleston beer.


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