Green Flash/Founders Linchpin

Green Flash Brewery – San Diego, CA

Founders Brewing Co. – Grand Rapids, MI

Linchpin White IPA

7% ABV

White IPAs must be the thing to brew these days. Not that I’m complaining or anything. Taking a style such as the IPA and brewing it in a different way is fine with me. And when you get two breweries as great as Green Flash and Founders to do one together, it’s as if you’re just asking for my money.

Linchpin is brewed with wheat malt, two yeast strains and three different hop varieties. What you get it an IPA with a Belgian sweetness but a huge bouquet of citrus. Very drinkable, very refreshing and incredibly enjoyable on a hot summer day. 

Linchpin pours a crystal-clear straw yellow color. There’s a gigantic head that fills half the glass and lingers forever. There’s some incredible lacing but not much alcohol legs.

The nose is incredible. A big West Coast hop presence, a bit of a Belgian malt sweetness, a little bit of pine and a little bit of peach, tangerine, oranges and mangos. It’s bright and delicious.

That bite of bitterness on the tongue hits you first, and from there big, bright West Coast hops explode on the mouth. The citrus and pine hop notes are crazy throughout the entire thing, and there’s a slight fruity sweetness from the Belgian yeast. The flavor it full and filling but the finish is dry. It’s a refreshing contrast.

While the white IPA style is just now coming into prominence, the ones I’ve tried so far have been great. And Linchpin easily takes the cake as the best White IPA I’ve had. Not only does it come from two great breweries, but it shows a great mix of the styles from the the breweries’ two respective regions.


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