Seminar Brewing moving to expanded location


After just shy of three years in their current location, Florence’s Seminar Brewing recently announced the move to a much larger facility in the city.

Seminar’s owners have already started the move from their current 1,100-square-foot facility in the Florence Mall shopping center to a 13,000-square-foot space at 551 W. Lucas St., which was formerly the Young’s Pecan Building. In addition to more breathing room for the current 8.5 BBL operation, an expanded taproom, outdoor seating and food services are also planned.

“We’re going to release details as soon as specific things become official, like big plans for food,” Seminar co-owner Shawn Steadman said. “Beer wise, we are adding some larger tanks and some smaller tanks. One will give us the ability to supply more of our flagships to more places, the other will let us brew more specials for the tasting room and limited releases.”

Brewing should resume by the end of March with the new taproom tentatively scheduled to open in May.


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