Burial ends SC distribution


Less than five months after launching in the Palmetto State, Asheville’s Burial Beer Co. announced Wednesday they would be ending distribution in South Carolina.

In a statement posted on the brewery’s Facebook page, Burial said concerns about accounts being able to maintain the quality of their product lead them to end their distribution deal with Ladson-based Advintage Distributing.

Despite having a stellar relationship with our distributor and the independent retailers in SC, state law prevents a distributor (and thus the brewery, who is required by law to use a distributor) from refusing to sell a product to any licensed retailer that places an order for a given brewery’s beer, regardless of other concerns for the product’s well-being. We have decided that the enforcement of this law is contradictory to our business plan and our core values.

In short, Burial was concerned that their product may be served, handled or otherwise treated improperly by a given account, and because it is illegal in South Carolina to refuse sales to any licensed retailer, the brewery chose to back out of the state to help ensure the quality of its product.

Burial initially announced its South Carolina launch in August. Outside of North Carolina, the brewery has some distribution in Georgia.


2 thoughts on “Burial ends SC distribution

  1. I’m surprised that this law even exists, insofar as it compels wholesalers (i.e. the authors of our beer laws around here) to do something they may not wish to do.

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