River Rat, RJ Rockers capitalize on Stone Law


Since being signed earlier this year, the “Stone Law” has begun to show its worth among South Carolina’s craft breweries, with one of the state’s newest breweries as well as one of its oldest both recently benefitting from the law’s expanded privileges.

While Stone Brewing Co. ultimately passed on South Carolina as the site for its future East Coast brewery, the law – primarily the aspect that eliminates an on-premise consumption cap – is already benefitting a handful of the state’s breweries. Charleston’s Holy City was the first to construct an SC Department of Health and Environmental Control-approved food service facility, which removed the 48 ounce per person per day consumption cap currently imposed on the state’s breweries (as well as allowing for guest taps and other benefits). And while they’re not officially open yet, Revelry (also in Charleston) has reportedly also obtained the necessary permits as well.

On Thursday, Sept. 4, Columbia’s River Rat Brewery announced it had finished construction on its kitchen and received its DHEC permitting. With River Rat’s proximity to the University of South Carolina football team’s stadium, the licensing will surely benefit the brewery (as well as relieve headaches) on game days.

RJ Rockers in Spartanburg is also among the breweries benefitting from the law. During a visit there this past weekend, staff members told me they had learned because the property the brewery is located on also includes a restaurant – Cribb’s Kitchen on Main – and both businesses are owned by the same person, the brewery can benefit from the law. The businesses aren’t connected, but staff members told me they’d been given the thumbs up from DHEC.

While nearly a quarter of the state’s active breweries are currently making use of the law, more are planning to pursue the necessary approval as well. Conquest – also within walking distance of Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia – is in the process of obtaining its DHEC permitting, and Summerville’s upcoming Oak Road is also reportedly looking to get its OK. Except more breweries to join in as well in the near future.


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