Pisgah founder opening Charleston brewery



One of the founders Pisgah Brewing Co. has left the Black Mountain, NC brewery and will soon be opening a new, similar establishment in the Charleston area.

Pisgah, which is located just outside of Asheville, is a popular spot not only for craft beer fans in the area, but also music lovers as well. The brewery’s MO has long been providing award-winning local beers while hosting live music on a regular basis. One of Pisgah’s founders, Jason Caughman, has sold his stake in the brewery and will be moving back the Charleston area to establish a Pisgah-like brewery in the area, the Post & Courier reported Wednesday.

Lo-Fi Brewery will be located in a 10,000-square-foot warehouse on Meeting Street Road with room to expand. The beer will be the primary focus for now, said Caughman, but he hopes to build stages and event spaces in the future.

On the beer front, look for German- and Belgian-style beers aged in a variety of barrels, as well as the possibility of sake.


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