Inspiration for Holy City artwork fired for beer can appearance


This story’s made the rounds during the weekend, but that doesn’t make it any less ridiculous. Last Friday, Paul Roof – better known as the guy featured on the artwork for Holy City‘s Chucktown Follicle Brown cans – was fired for simply having his likeness associated with the beer.

1483636_753287401366243_1069368278_oRoof was a sociology professor at Charleston Southern University, a Christian liberal arts college, for seven years. On May 30, without ay prior warning, Roof was unexpectedly sacked. The reason given? Roof’s image was featured front-and-center on Holy City’s first canned beer. It was apparently making a bad impression on students.

Roof also serves as commodore and is a founder of the Holy City Beard & Mustache Society. The organization has raised more than $25,000 for area charities through their beard and mustache competitions and other fundraising efforts. The image in question has been featured on numerous flyers and other promotional materials,

While Roof (or at least the image of his enviable facial hair) is well-known around the Charleston area, he was not compensated for the use of his image on the can, and Holy City were the ones who approached him about using it. As he told the Charleston City Paper, “They’re friends of mine, and they said, ‘We’re doing a beer can,’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah, that’s cool.’ I’m not in control of somebody else’s business. They don’t have to ask my permission.”

Roof is reportedly talking with attorneys about where to go from here.




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