Deschutes may give SC “another look” for expansion


One of the goals of the soon-to-become-law Stone Bill – aside from allowing current in-state breweries to expand – was to make South Carolina more attractive to larger national breweries, the bill’s namesake included. And now comes news that the Palmetto State is back on the radar of another big-name brewery, should they decide to open a satellite location.

Friday, Columbia’s The State ran a story that South Carolina is back on the proverbial map for Oregon’s Deschutes Brewery, the sixth-largest craft brewery and 12th-largest brewery in the country, as well as one of SC beer geeks’ most-wanted breweries. While they’ve never made an official announcement, Deschutes’ desire to open an East Coast operation to complement its Bend, OR home base has long been whispered about, with South Carolina reportedly being eyed in the past.

“With the laws you guys passed, (Deschutes founder Gary Fish) said we might have to take another look at South Carolina,” brewery spokeswoman Marie Melsheimer told the newspaper, going on to say, “We don’t have any plans to expand.” However, the brewery has reportedly hired a company to scout potential East Coast locations.

Until recently, Deschutes was found primarily on the West Coast and in some of the Midwest. But lately the brewery has slowly started working its way across the country, although it has yet to distribute much on the East Coast. The brewery is well-known for year-round beers such as Black Butte Porter and limited releases including The Abyss and The Dissident.




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