Conquest breaks out the Randall


Flavor infusion is becoming a growing trend in the craft beer world. From packing firkins with adjuncts to running a beer through a Randall of various ingredients, brewers are continually looking for a way to showcase new and inventive flavors in their beers.

Conquest is taking a stab at the latter this week and may continue to do so in the future.

From Wednesday through Friday, the Columbia brewery’s flagship IPA, Sacred Heart, will be run through a Randall of different ingredients each night. (For those not in the know, a Randall is a device created by Dogfish Head that runs any beer through whatever ingredients your heart desires.) Drinkers can then vote on which version they like best, and that mixture will be on tap this weekend.

Tonight, Sacred Heart will be run through chipotle peppers; Thursday, it’ll be run through cedar chips; and on Friday, a special blend of spices from Conquest’s Matthew Ellisor.

If the trial run is successful, breaking out the Randall may become a regular thing. Earlier this week, World of Beer ran Conquest’s Der Alte Fritz rye beer through Werther’s Original candies and fresh vanilla beans, and it was mighty tasty.


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