SC Beer News Roundup: New brews, more capacity and PARTIES!


So much SC beer news to write about, so little time to write about it (because real life sometimes gets in the way).

During the past week, many of the breweries across the state have announced news about either new beers they’re releasing soon or ones returning for their seasonal appearances, and a flurry of other news. Here’s a rundown of what you might have missed (and I haven’t had a chance to write about):

RJ Rockers

If you’ve ventured outside this week – and I hope you have, hermit – you’d be OK in thinking winter had made an early appearance in SC. While it’s not quite that point, RJ’s winter seasonal First Snow will be blowing into town soon. It’s on tap at the brewery now and should see distribution soon.

RJ also recently unveiled their new Good Boy Stout, which will be part of the brewery’s new seasonal rotation. The beer, named for brewery dog Stout, will be available from January through early March and will be slapped with RJ’s new bottle design.

Holy City

As they are wont to do, HCB rolled out yet another new beer this week. This time, it’s a 7.6% IPA named Overly Friendly. It’s brewed with Citra and Sorachi Ace hops in both the boil and dry-hopping stages.

Shiftee, their 8.5% American strong ale, is also back on tap, and their excellent Bowen’s Island Oyster Stout is on its way as well.


Columbia’s own will be hosting its inaugural Halloween party the evening of the 31st. If the thought of dressing up for a costume contest, eating grub from The Wurst Wagon and hanging out in a “haunted” brewery don’t sound enticing enough, maybe this will: Conquest will be tapping up to four new beers Thursday night. The brewery’s keeping details about the new brews under wraps for now, but having had the chance to sample them all, I can say this is an event to not miss.

Thomas Creek

Speaking of parties, Thomas Creek will be throwing their annual Brewery Bash on Saturday, November 2, from 1-6 PM. The yearly party will give a lot of folks the first look at TC’s ongoing expansion efforts. The party will include BBQ and brats prepared by TC Brewmaster Tom Davis, live music, a costume contest and more. Expect to see a wealth of TC’s brews on tap, as well as some cask-aged offerings … and maybe a surprise or two 😉


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