Palmetto Aftershock returning next week

PalmettoIn 1886, Charleston was rattled by a massive 7.3-magnitude earthquake, which is to date still one of the most powerful to ever strike the Southeast. While it lasted just under a minute, the damage to the coastal city was huge: upwards of 100 dead and $6 million in damage (around $141 million in modern dollars) to a $24 million city that can still be seen to this day.

In 2011, on the 125th anniversary of the quake, Charleston’s Palmetto Brewing Co.¬†released Aftershock, a 6% “Carolina Common” steam IPA brewed in memory of the quake. The beer was brewed just once, but according to the folks at Palmetto will be returning very soon.

“Remember our beer Aftershock? Dry Hopped Steam Beer we brewed for the 125th anniversary of the great Charleston Quake. Its back next week,” the brewery tweeted on Wednesday. You can except to find it on draft and in six packs as well.


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