Details released about Columbia’s Swamp Cabbage Brewing


The folks behind what will become Columbia’s third production brewery began leaking details of the future operation on Tuesday.

Swamp Cabbage Brewing is set to become the third of its kind in the Capital City, following in the footsteps of Conquest and River Rat. Having just set up a Twitter account a couple of weeks ago, they began releasing details this week of what’s to come.

The brewery will be located at 801 Brookwood Drive in Columbia, about a three-block walk from the State Fairgrounds and Williams-Brice Stadium, and in an industrial area off Rosewood Drive. This map shows the proximity of Swamp Cabbage (1) to Conquest (2) and River Rat (3). The area around the stadium is primarily light industrial, which perfectly suits businesses such as breweries.

The brewery will be operating on a 20 BBL system, which is currently on order. The owners are also working to secure the necessary operating permits as well. Expect to see a logo for the brewery soon, too.

Since news about Swamp Cabbage began trickling out, a lot of people have been asking the same question: What the hell is a swamp cabbage? A quick Google search shows that “swamp cabbage” is another name for heart of palm. I surmised the name had its roots in that. Turns out I was right as the brewery on Tuesday tweeted “Swamp Cabbage is the heart of palm, which you get from the Sabal Palm. And our state tree is obviously the Palmetto Tree.” Maybe not the most appetizing of names, but the beer will speak for itself

As for the beer itself, the brewery will produce an amber ale and a brown ale as its flagship beers. They’re also currently working on a red ale and a stout.


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