Justin Blåbær fever consumes SC


To say I’ve been excited for the release of Justin Blåbær – the new collaboration from Evil Twin, Westbrook, and the Charleston Beer Exchange – is an understatement. In fact, I can’t remember ever wanting to get my hands on a bottle of beer so badly as this one.

Sure, the beer sounds fantastic – a 4.5% Berliner weisse brewery with blueberries – but that’s secondary. The label artwork … Jesus Christ, is that not the most glorious thing you’ve ever seen? I’m going to frame it!

Not only do you get Rich Carley (CBX) talking about his first kiss, Ed and Morgan (Westbrook) with Danish fever, Ryan Witter-Merithew (Fanø Brughus) being shy AND Brian Ewing (12 Percent Imports) and Scott Shor (CBX) doing … um … all pictured on one bottle. But possibly the most wonderful photo of Evil Twin’s Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø takes up the majority of the artwork. It’s just … there aren’t words for how gloriously ridiculous this artwork is.

The beer’s already hit Charleston and should be arriving in Columbia and Greenville later this week.


One thought on “Justin Blåbær fever consumes SC

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