Conquest brewers now working full time


Since distribution of their beer began back in January, Joseph Ackerman and Matt Ellisor of Conquest worked at the brewery only part-time. While they were still putting in nearly a full week’s worth of work there (both on and off the clock), Tuesdays and Fridays were reserved for brewing, and other work was squeezed in when they weren’t working at their day jobs.

Starting today, July 1, that changes. Matt and Joseph have left their previous jobs and will now be working at the brewery full-time. This will allow beer to be brewed more often and other odds and ends around the brewery to be taken care of more quickly. Also, visitors to the tasting room during weekdays might be lucky enough to see a late brewing session in action, as they can run long sometimes.

It also opens the doors for more experimentation. There has been talk of producing small, tasting room-only pilot batches to try out new recipes or styles some time in the future. While the primary focus will be the core slate of beers, the extra time certainly leaves open the door for new things.


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