Dogfish Head expands distribution to Columbia (UPDATED LAUNCH LIST)


For as long as I can remember, Delaware’s Dogfish Head has been readily available throughout South Carolina, from major markets such as Greenville and Charleston to smaller areas such as Sumter. But for Dogfish fans living in Columbia – myself included – it’s always been strange that the off-centered brewery hasn’t been distributed in our neck of the woods.

So it’s understandable why a collective “Finally!” went up among Columbia-based DFH fans Thursday when it was confirmed the Capital City would get Dogfish brews starting as early as next week.

I recently heard rumors that DFH was this close to signing a distribution deal in Columbia, but during the past few days have confirmed with multiple sources that the brewery would be available in Columbia very soon. Estimates range from two weeks to a month, but distributor Bev South will reportedly have kegs next week, meaning Dogfish beers could be available on draft as soon as then.

As for what will be available, I’m told 90 Minute IPA, Midas Touch and Indian Brown ale will be first up, as well as the latest seasonal (I think we’re in Festina Peche season now?) and a few other random selections.

Most rollouts begin with draft, so expect to see Dogfish on tap at World of Beer, Green’s and other locations first. Bottles will likely arrive in the near future, and seeing as how Charleston and Greenville get more or less the full Dogfish lineup, I’d expect us to get just as much variety in the future.

Update: Seems as if the draft launch is going to be more substantial than first reported. Here is the full list of beers that will be available at launch:

  • Namaste
  • Sixty-One
  • Festina Peche
  • Sah’tea
  • 90 Minute
  • Indian Brown
  • Burton Baton
  • Palo Santo
  • Midas Touch
  • Positive Contact.

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