Apple Brandy, Red Wine BA Mexican Cake are coming


Remember the other day when I said bourbon barrels weren’t the only ones Westbrook‘s Mexican Cake was aged in, and that other barrel-aged versions of the imperial stout were anxiously waiting to be bottled?

Told ya so.

A day after they teased BBL Mexican Cake, Westbrook on Thursday tweeted out a photo of a version that had been aging in apple brandy barrels and would soon be bottled. Soon after that, it was announced a third variant – this one aged in red wine barrels – was also on the way.

What’s the deal with these beers? Here’s what we know so far:

  • Mexican Cake has been aging in two Jack Daniels barrels, two apple brandy barrels and two red wine barrels. The bourbon barrel one has been bottled and the apple brandy version has been racked into the fermenter.
  • All of these barrels were filled in January 2012, so this is the first anniversary batch of Mexican Cake. However, the beer put in barrels was the base without any spices or peppers. So, when the beer is racked into the fermenter, the cinnamon, vanilla, cocoa nibs and Habaneros were added, meaning you still get the Mexican Cake you know any love with a little something extra.
  • Between 30-50 cases of each variant will be released – obviously less for the smaller barrels – and possibly at the same time. There is no solid release date, although June has been floated as a possibility. The label artwork is not yet finished.
  • This will be a brewery only release.

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