Westbrook begins bottling BA Mexican Cake


Anyone familiar with Westbrook knows they’ve got a pretty impressive barrel room at their Mt. Pleasant brewery, and the stuff coming out of it is highly sought after and incredibly tasty.

So it should come as no surprise that Mexican Cake – you know, that imperial stout people are talking about? – ended up in some of those barrels. BA Mexican Cake was one of those things a lot of people knew would happen but was never officially confirmed until last week. (Seeing “Mexican Cake” scrawled on the side of barrels was a kind of giveaway.) Now, that official confirmation is even more official thanks to the brewery tweeting out a photo of Bourbon BA Mexican Cake going into bottles.

The bottles will be released sometime in June and the artwork is still being tinkered with. Don’t expect it to be was plentiful as the 500 cases produced of the original as this one will be a brewery-only release. And while I won’t spill all the beans just yet, I’ve heard bourbon barrels aren’t the only ones Mexican Cake found its way into …


One thought on “Westbrook begins bottling BA Mexican Cake

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