Pint Bill passes S.C. Senate


After finally making it to the floor of the South Carolina Senate on Tuesday for debate and a vote, the state’s Pint Bill on Wednesday finally passed the chamber with a final vote.

The bill passed its first test on the chamber on Tuesday with a 31-1 vote. Unsurprisingly, the only “nay” vote came from Sen. Mike Fair (R-Greenville). You’ll recall Fair’s objection resulted in negotiations between supports and opponents, which ended in the compromise the Senate eventually passed.

So, what’s next? The bill now goes back to the S.C. House of Representatives, which must approve the changes made from the version they originally voted on. Since there was little objection in that chamber, it’s unlikely the bill will have to jump over any more hurdles. Once the House approves it, it goes before Gov. Nikki Haley to sign into law.

The bill will likely be signed by the end of the month.


3 thoughts on “Pint Bill passes S.C. Senate

  1. Wait a minute… So Mike Fair’s objection is what lead to the watered-down compromise that was just passed, but he voted against it anyway? What the fuck, Mike??

    Is this how the SC senate works? You can effectively launch a one-man filibuster that forces people to change the contents of bills that you don’t plan on supporting no matter what? So why even bother “compromising”? Or, why not conduct all business via these “objections”? Why bother voting at all?

    • What Fair did was place an objection on the bill that required him to be present before a vote could be held. If the bill came up and he didn’t want it to be voted on, he could just leave the chamber and the legislation would have to be carried over. Any senator can do it for any legislation as far as I know. That’s SC politics for you.

      I’m not surprised he voted against it even with a compromise. He’s a teetotaler who objects to any expansion on sales of alcohol. MADD reportedly got him to place the objection on the bill so they could get a compromise worked out. (For what it’s worth, MADD wanted to do away with samples all together, so it could have been a lot worse.)

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