World of Beer taps rare, unique Founders brews for members-only event


Being a Loyalty Member at Columbia’s World of Beer certainly has its perks. Sure, there’s all the swag you get for drinking great beer, but it also gets in you to special members-only events the folks running the show occasionally throw.

If these event are a way of saying thanks for being a member, then the one they’ve got lined up for May 30 is like a big ol’ bear hug. Four beers from Founders will be featured that night, and the WOB crew it aiming to make membership worth it.

First and foremost, WOB will have the ONLY keg of Doom – Founders’ 10% barrel-aged double IPA – you’ll find in the Columbia area. The rare Backstage Series release is a bigger version of Double Trouble, Founders’ 9.4% DIPA, which has been aged in bourbon barrels. And if you want to try them side-by-side, you’ll be able to do just that as a keg of  Double Trouble will also be on tap that night.

And they’ve got a keg of KBS. ‘Nuff said.

WOB’s Randall will also be brought out to give a unique spin to Breakfast Stout. The beer will be run through brown sugar-glazed pecans that have been soaked in Buffalo Trace bourbon, a concoction created by WOB’s Chris Metcalfe.

Other than buying the beer, there’s no charge to attend, but you will have to be a WOB Loyalty Member to gain access to the super-secret drinking area (read: upstairs). Visit the bar to sign up for their loyalty program.


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