Boxcar Brewing becomes Benford Brewing

benfordAfter just a few months of operation, Boxcar Brewing Co., the Lancaster-based nano brewery, is no more.

No, they (thankfully) haven’t closed. After discovering there’s a West Chester, PA, brewery bearing the same name – which has been around for longer – the owners have decided to change their company’s name to Benford Brewing Co.

During the weekend, brewery owner Bryan O’Neal posted on the company’s Facebook page detailing why the name change had to be made. O’Neal, who lives on Boxcar Road in Lancaster, said he had considered using the name for about five years during his homebrewing days. The name stuck when the brewery opened late last year, but O’Neal recently discovered a the Pennsylvania-based brewery of the same name.

Should the SC brewery ever hit it big, the PA brewery would have seniority as far as names go. But the confusion is already causing problems.

“I initially did not see a problem with this, but already confusion has set in,” O’Neal wrote. “I currently have products and materials that I need for my brewery sitting in PA after I confirmed with the manufacture that I was in SC and not associated with the company in PA. This is the third time this has happened in a very short time.”

Benford is a family name in the region dating back to the 1700s. The beer’s names will reflect that history, wrote O’Neal. The parent company, Boxcar Brewing LLC, will remain.

Benford’s first beers are scheduled to go on tap at a local Lancaster restaurant soon. No word on when or if their brews will reach other parts of the state.


3 thoughts on “Boxcar Brewing becomes Benford Brewing

  1. Thanks for the good reporting. It’s amazing how fast news gets around in the brewing world. We should have beer on tap in Grinder’s, located in Lancaster, SC by next week. We have signed a distribution agreement with Comer Distribution in Rock Hill, SC, but are looking for small growth since I own another company I started 11 years ago that I need to operate full time (Falling Water Custom Pools, Inc.) Hopefully the brewing business will the way out of the construction business one day soon. Looking forward to meeting new people in this new business that I am experimenting with, thanks for everyone’s kind words in starting this business – Bryan O’Neal

    • I’m happy to help spread the word, Bryan, and I’m glad you could nip a potential problem in the bud before you make it big. Hopefully we’ll be able to enjoy Benford brews here in Columbia some day soon. If I’m ever in your neck of the woods, hopefully I can sample what you’ve got brewing. Thanks so much for reading!

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