Evil Twin earns best brewery, best beer awards

EvilTwinThis week has been a big one for Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergø and his Evil Twin Brewing brainchild. After just two years of production, the gypsy brewer’s brand has landed in the Top 10 of RateBeer’s list of best breweries in the world for 2013, earning a spot amongst best-ever stalwarts such as Three Floyds, Cigar City, Bell’s and Russian River.

Earlier in the week, Imperial Biscotti Break also charted on RateBeer’s radar, earning the No. 7 spot in the Top 50 best new beers of 2012. Other than New Glarus’ Serendipity – which is amazeballs – IBB was the only non-Hill Farmstead beer to earn a Top 10 spot.

So, why does this warrant a mention on a blog dedicated to promoting South Carolina beer? Because Mt. Pleasant’s Westbrook has become something of a second home for Evil Twin. Imperial Biscotti Break was birthed there, as were plenty of other excellent beers including Lil’ B, The Cowboy and Mini Growler Imperial Stout. And there are likely more in the works for 2013.

Evil Twin will be in full effect at this year’s Brewvival, bringing along a brandy barrel-aged sour version of Lil’ B; Femme Fatale (La Fleur), a version of their 100% Brett IPA Femme Fatale with an addition of dry flowers; and Imperial Doughnut Break, a takeoff off Imperial Biscotti Break with more vanilla and coffee and doughnuts. (Yes. Doughnuts used as an ingredient.)

Cheers to Evil Twin and all the recognition, which they rightly deserve.


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