Intuition Ale Works I-10 IPA


Intuition Ale Works

Jacksonville, FL

I-10 IPA

6.75% ABV

The weekend before last, my wife and I drove down to Fernandina Beach, FL – just off Amelia Island near the Georgia border – for my father-in-law’s wedding to his longtime fiancée. They both plan to retire to the city and enjoy life on the beach just off the pier.

As I am wont to do in a new city and state, I made an effort to sample some of the local brews. Jacksonville is just about 45 minutes outside of Fernandina Beach, so the area got a good sampling of beers from around the area, including a few from Intuition Ale Works. Our first night in Florida, I got to try the I-10 West Coast-style IPA  – named for the interstate that stretches from Jacksonville all the way out to Santa Monica, CA – on draft and was kind of blown away by it. A subsequent tour of local grocery stores yielded even more of the canned IPA brewed with four varieties of Northwestern hops, and then dry-hopped to boot.

I-10 pours a very hazy brownish orange color, sort of like a deeper ice tea color. There were about three fingers of an off-white foamy head on top that stuck around. On the end was some very nice lacing and some slight alcohol legs.

It definitely had a big West Coast-style IPA nose. Really big grapefruit and some slight wet pine shine through the most. There was a sort of sweeter quality to it too that reminded me of candied sugar. Overall, it was really balanced, but not as strong as some other West Coast IPAs I’ve had.

The taste starts with a really bitter pine bite on the front of the tongue. There was some nice carbonation and a medium-bodied mouthfeel, followed by a blanket of wet pine that settles over the palate first. The big citrus and grapefruit notes pop soon after, and the finish is full and, again, just slightly sweet.

I always love discovering new beers and breweries in cities I visit. I had never heard of Intuition before, but whenever I head back to that area for some family time, I’ll be making it a point to seek them out.


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