Red Brick HopLanta

Red Brick Brewing Co.

Atlanta, GA

HopLanta India Pale Ale

6.7% ABV

Being a Georgia boy at heart (and by birth), I’m very partial to all the great beer and breweries coming out of the Peach State, with SweetWater, Terrapin and JailHouse being my favorites. Each puts out solid and increasingly good products. But one brewery, Red Brick, has always fallen a bit flat for me.

It’s not that their products aren’t good. They’re not bad by any measure. They’re solid, by-the-books examples of their respective styles. And their Brick Mason series is some damn good stuff, as is their staple beer, Laughing Skull. But still, a bit underwhelming. Nevertheless, I’m always happy to support a Georgia brewery, which is why I picked up a bottle of their new IPA, HopLanta, on a recent visit to the A.

HopLanta is a 6.7% American style IPA brewed with Bravo and Cascase hops. The appearance is a dark orange with an almost brownish hue as you hold it up to the light. The head was nice, with tight off-white bubbles that clung to the glass after dissipating.

On the nose were slight hints of citrus and pine, what you’d generally expect from an East Coast IPA. The hops weren’t too overpowering, but were a little too mellow.

On the front of the tongue, there’s not much action, but the hops take over the palate as you swallow. There’s a strong, almost burning sensation on the tongue and throughout the mouth, but everything washes away pretty soon after you swallow. But after a few sips, you’ll definitely have hop mouth. I finished my glass about 15 minutes ago and I can still taste the hops.

A good, solid East Coast IPA. Outstanding? No. Worth checking out? Sure. 


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