SweetWater Dank Tank 420 India Pale Ale

SweetWater Brewing Company

Atlanta, GA

Dank Tank India Pale Ale

8.5% ABV

In my previous post, I mentioned that A) SweetWater’s Dank Tank series gets increasingly better with each new experimental batch and B) their 420 Pale was my gateway beer. So it should be no surprise that I was really excited about their new Dank Tank entry: a full-fledged IPA version of the 420.

From the start, the 420 IPA looked like a luscious beer. The pour was beautiful, with a thick, deep orange color that through the light looked like a gorgeous sunset. The off-white head was just as thick and lasted for a good bit before dissipating with some really nice lacing.

The nose is just as luscious as the appearance. No one scent stood out, but the smell had a juicy blend of tropical fruits (mango, papaya, apricots, etc. There was a slight bit of hop, but most of the smell was tropical.

The taste followed through with the look and smell. There’s a slight hop bite on the front of the tongue, and then the rich juicy flavors just take over and coat your mouth. The hops return on the back but almost immediately give way to the rich flavors. The taste lingers over the whole mouth for a while. There’s definitely a lot of Simcoe used in the brewing. There’s almost a DIPA quality to it, with those rich, juicy flavors in most imperial IPAs.

While it’s not the best entry in the Dank Tank series – Mean Joe Bean and Ghoulash will be hard to beat – it’s another winner in my book. I love rich, flavorful IPAs like this, and having it be a bigger version of one of my favorite beers is a total sell.


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