Maine Beer Co. arrives in SC


MBC Logo white

Today’s really awesome under the radar news comes courtesy of Maine Beer Company, which on Friday officially (and surprisingly) launched in South Carolina.

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Senate stalls brewpub bill, moves to conference committee


The South Carolina Senate pumped the brakes on the so-called Stone Bill Thursday, tapping a group of senators and representatives to discuss and work out the differences in the legislation.

But the move is more procedural than perilous for the bill, which could pass the Legislature as soon as next week.

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On Stone in SC


When it comes to Stone Brewing Co.’s move from the Left Coast, my opinion is one I’ve kept quite some time now, but one I can’t seem to shake or change no matter what angle I approach the issue from. Maybe it’s because I haven’t wanted to go against the grain with so many friends and professionals in the industry. Maybe it’s because I didn’t want to seem as if I was putting down one of my favorite breweries or working against the economic interests of the state. It could be a whole host of reasons.

But as time has progressed and the issue has grown in prominence, I keep coming back to the same opinion: At this point in time, I would rather not have Stone – or any large brewery – pick the Palmetto State as the home for its new satellite brewery.

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