Fireforge announces location of future brewery


After more than a year of searching, Greenville’s Fireforge Crafted Beer on Wednesday announced the new location for their upcoming brewery, which is expected to open this summer.

Nearly two years ago, Brian and Nicole Cendrowski relocated their fledgling Coxbone Brewing Co. operation from Florida to back to Greenville, where they had lived prior to their move south. Rebranding as Fireforge following the move, the two began collaborating with other Greenville breweries as they searched for a permanent home.

On Jan. 18, the future of the brewery was outlined in a Facebook post. The brewery will be located at 311 E. Washington St. in the middle of Downtown Greenville (and just a block off Main Street). It will house a seven-barrel setup which will produce beers “inspired by culinary traditions, local and regional ingredients, fun memories and travels.” There are plans to open a separate restaurant in the front of the property as well as construct a beer garden outside of it.

“There’s still a long road ahead, filled with plans, licenses, permits, construction and who knows what else. But it’s tangible now, not just on paper. We can see what it’s going to look like in our minds,” the statement reads.

Fireforge is expected to be online by the middle of summer 2017.


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