Freehouse bottles Kiwi Peche sour for the first time


Charleston’s Freehouse Brewery has released its first new bottle in some time: Kiwi Peche, a sour ale aged on South Carolina kiwis and peaches.

The organic sour ale (6% ABV) was fermented with the brewery’s wild native yeast blend after being aged on a helping of organic kiwis and peaches from the Palmetto State for eight months.

img_2734“The big idea is that we have a sour fruit tank, brewed a beer with local yeast and aged it on fresh organic peaches and kiwis from our state,” Freehouse founder and CEO Arthur Lucas said. “This really increases the amount of cultures that are in the beer from the fruits, and work on it during the aging period.”

Freehouse has previously bottled Peche (also called Sourlina Peche), a 5.2% ABV sour brewed with more than 400 pounds of SC peaches and fermented with native yeast harvested from peach skins.

Kiwi Peche is available in 500 ml bottles throughout the state.



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