RJ Rockers participates in annual Pints for Prostates Crowns for a Cure campaign


Spartanburg’s RJ Rockers is supporting Pints for Prostates, a push to help raise awareness and early detection of prostate cancer in men, by participating in the annual Crowns for a Cure campaign for the first time.

Pints for Prostates is a North Carolina-based nonprofit that aims to shed more light on prostate cancer, which affects more than 230,000 new men every year, the bulk of them in their late 30s to early 40s. Rick Lyke, the founder of the organization, was diagnosed with the disease in 2008 and after surgery looked for a way to help raise awareness for the disorder. His solution: craft beer.

“The craft beer community has been extremely generous in supporting the cause and helping us to reach men through the universal language of beer,” said Lyke, echoing the organization’s slogan.


Photo: Bobby Alexander

Once a year, dozens of breweries from across the country show their support for the cause by participating in Crowns for a Cure, replacing their bottle caps with blue caps emblazoned with the campaign’s logo and awareness messages printed on the inside. This year, RJ Rockers is one of the more than 40 breweries participating in the campaign and the only one in South Carolina.

“We are thrilled to be a part of Pints for Prostates and Crowns for a Cure,” said RJ Rockers spokeswoman Kate White. “While this is our first year of involvement, we look forward to a long-lasting partnership to ensure we get these beers into the hands of men all over the Southeast.”

The brewery will send out about 30,000 specially crowned bottles during September throughout their distribution network.

Added RJ Rockers Head Brewer Taylor White, “Reaching Americans through Crowns for a Cure and the universal language of beer is something that we at RJ Rockers are very proud and honored to be a part of. Craft beer customers are curious and creative, they’re the type that will pop the cap and take the Pints for Prostates mission seriously.”


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