Bierkeller launches beer wagon crowdfunding campaign


Bierkeller received a huge welcome last weekend at the launch of their Kölumbianer Kölsch, kicking seven half barrels and serving 1,600+ glasses of the beer (served in only .25 liter glasses). And now the Columbia-based German-style brewing project has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help procure the staple of their upcoming beer gardens: an Ausschankwagen, or traveling beer-serving wagon.

As previously reported, Bierkeller will not have a standalone brewery, but will instead host pop-up beer gardens throughout the Columbia area. The first of those events is planned for this summer, but by fall owner Scott Burgess hopes to have an Ausschankwagen (like this one) that will be used to pour beer at the gardens.

To get one stateside, an Indiegogo campaign was launched on Saturday to help raise $3,000 ($2,500 for the wagon itself and $500 for shipping from Germany). Bierkeller is offering everything from glassware and swag to tokens that will be redeemable for beer at the beer gardens, all the way up to “Bierkenner” memebership, which gives the donor behind-the-scenes access to test batches and brew days.

So far fundraising has been just as successful as the brewery launch. As of Thursday morning, the campaign is nearly 60% of the way to its goal with a month left in the campaign. Bierkeller will release stretch goals if (and likely when) the goal is reached.

Learn more about Bierkeller, the Ausschankwagen and the campaign here.


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