COAST updates can plans; distribution to begin early 2016


Last we heard, North Charleston’s COAST Brewing Company was very close to canning an expanded range of their beers, unveiling new packaging artwork as part of a rebranding effort. Those cans are still on the way – and soon – but a high demand for cans from breweries nationwide has caused COAST to shift its plans slightly.

As part of the expanded canning runs, COAST announced it would bring its Dead Arm Pale Ale, Rye Knot Brown Ale and Blackbeerd Imperial Stout to 12 oz. cans while sticking with 16 oz. cans (the size currently used for HopArt IPA and 32/50 Kölsch) for its ever-popular Boy King Imperial IPA. But in a post on the brewery’s website Wednesday, COAST announced they would no longer be canning any of their beers in tallboys.

“We were (along with countless others) dropped by our manufacturer Crown because we are a small volume brewery,” they wrote. “Unfortunately, 16oz. cans have such a long wait time we had to switch our entire lineup to 12 oz. cans.”

The New York Times recently detailed the struggles many breweries face when it comes to canning their beers as the popularity of the format increases.

HopArt and 32/50 will remain in 16 oz. cans for the time being, but all beers will be shifted to the 12 oz. format in the new year (with slightly updated artwork). The good news is, COAST is still on track to receive their new cans in January, and they should be filled and on shelves soon after.


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