2015 BA Mexican Cake tickets sell out fast


At 3 PM on Wednesday, Sept. 30, Westbrook announced tickets were on sale for its 2015 Barrel Aged Mexican Cake series, which would be released this Saturday, Oct. 3. The tickets didn’t last long.

The announcement followed – as it usually does – months of speculation about when the bottles would be released and “I could have sworn it would happen this weekend” posts on Internet message boards. Instead of having patrons line up early as with previous releases, Westbrook opted for a limited ticket-only release this year. A $180 reservation entitled the buyer to four bottles of Bourbon BA Cake and two bottles of Cognac BA Cake.

Reservation holders can pick up their bottles any time between 11 AM and 6 PM on Saturday (no need to line up). Rare releases will also be on tap at the brewery throughout the day, likely for all visitors whether they’re purchasing bottles or not.

Update: Apparently a glitch with Brown Paper Tickets caused the ticketing site to say reservations had sold out before they actually had. Still, the tickets didn’t last long.


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